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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by zeroapoc View Post
No. Sony has no reason to give up the rights. It won't happen.
spiderman: 403.7 million domestic, 418 overseas, 821.7 total

spiderman 2: 373.5 ", 410.1 ", 783.6 "

spiderman 3: 336.5 ", 554.3 ", 890.8 " (most fan boys said this movie sucked?)

amazing: 262 ", 490.1, 752.2 (most fan boys said this was the best?)

ALL of these movies had HUGE advertising campaigns, that were offset by the FACT that sony took home merchandising royalties.

amazing 2 will have no such benefit, and 2 weeks after it gets released it runs into GODZILLA.

so sony will never give up the rights or at least share them....right? only if they enjoy losing money.

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