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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Originally Posted by Closerframe View Post

Villains: Electro, Rhino, and Norman Osborne (pre-Goblin)

Plot Points: -Entering their freshman year of college, Parker refused to take Captain Stacy's warning of staying away from his daughter.

-Gwen, now as a formal employee of Oscorp, is prided by Norman as one of his brightest employees.

-Miles Warrent, a professor at the university Gwen attends, is in love with Gwen.

-Harry makes his return after seemingly disappearing when he and Parker were friends several years earlier.

-Rhino escapes from Ravencroft Institute.

-Electro is obsessed with Spider-Man but ends up hating him because he failed to save him from becoming the monster he now sees himself as.

-Mary Jane moves next door to Aunt May.

-Spider-Man kills Gwen when attempting to save her.


Villains: Green Goblin, Vulture, and Jackal

Plot Points:

-Parker grieving over the lost of Gwen. Gets closer to MJ

-Drops out of college. Starts job at The Daily Bugle.

-Recovering from the lost of Gwen, Miles Warren begins experimenting with cloning in order to bring Gwen back. He eventually loses his mind and becomes the Jackal.

-Adrian Toomes, working with Miles Warren but for his own hidden agenda, wants to use the cloning technology to essentially create a way for him to reverse the aging process.

-Norman on the verge of death uses a hybrid of Toomes and Warren's formula creating the Green Goblin.
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