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Default Re: Star Wars vs. Avengers 2 (2015)

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
In terms of BO or quality? I personally think they will be pretty comparable in terms of both. I see both grossing just over $2b at the BO and being great follow up films in their franchises. SW will probably get the slight edge in terms of hype and being a big deal since it's the first true SW sequel and will likely be full of nostalgia, but that's only a slight edge since the sequel to the Avengers is going to be big effing deal as well.
They'll both probably do very well commercially. The SW prequels, as s#!tty as they are, were successful in pure calculation of cost vs profit. If JJ Abrams can make SW 7 as good as the OT, then over the course of the summer I think SW might make more.

But thanks to the utter crapfest that was the SW prequels, I think Avengers 2 will have the stronger opening weekend.

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