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Default Re: Man Of Steel Tie-In Comic *GIRL OF STEEL CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by JosephCAW View Post
I never said that they would copy Supergirl's suit exactly from the comics, I said they would make it "SIMILAR SINCE THATS WHAT THEY DID WITH SUPERMANS!!", to make Kara wear the exact same outfit as Kal will make her exactly what they have always tried to not make her and that is a carbon copy of Superman with the only difference being he's a guy and she's a girl.

Supergirl unlike Faora has a fan base as we have already established in the topic, with that comes a certain expectation of how she "could" look, I highly doubt Goyer and Snyder (Snyder who is a purest and tries to make things as close to the comics as possible) will completely change how the majority of Supergirl's fanbase has seen her. Again like I said with Superman's suit, there will be changes, yes, but over all they will go with something similar to what is already established. Faora they can play around with simply because she has never had an established costume, same with Zod, their always changing.
Couldn't have said that better myself!

With so much unknown at this point, my only hope is that if Kara does indeed show up in a future movie, the character is treated with respect and not just there to be killed off.

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