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Default Re: The early sale tickets at Wal-mart

Originally Posted by SuperJediHero View Post
Personally, I don't think it's a matter of organized or not at all. But more of COMPETENCE of the employees at Wal-Mart as a whole not better than Target's.

The company, apparently have the Man of Steel posters ALL over the store, especially at the doors where EVERYone walks in, yet HOW COME so many Wal-Mart employees still don't know what it is, if not their lack of competence?

Is it really that hard to see a HUGE poster when you walk in the door???!!! Or, do you not know how to read what that poster is talking about? (To Wal-Mart employees)

You can hate Wal-Mart's policy, company practice all you want, but the biggest problem I ever have with Wal-Mart all these years is their employees, mostly, CLUELESS, INCOMPETENT! Frustrating as hell to shop there due to this.

Walk into Target, Best Buy, on the other hand, their employees seem to know more of what they are talking about.

You KNOW this is the truth!

I swear to you if they hire every single employees of theirs out of college degree, there would NOT be a single case of you feel them disorganized! Believe it or not, intelligence plays a huge role in not ignore a blatantly HUGE Superman poster at the door when you walk in everyday to work *sigh*
Sorry, I can't blame them. I used to work for Walmart as a manager, and I quit in disgust. You get what you pay for, and Walmart's pay is deplorable (seriously, the average cashier there makes about 8 dollars an hour. The 6 heirs of Sam Walton are worth a combined total of 90 billion dollars). How many college graduates are going to be lining up to work for 8 ****ing dollars an hour, and part time at that (and yeah, it's policy now: if you aren't in management, you aren't full-time, and you get no benefits. PERIOD)? The infrastructure of the company doesn't allow for actually telling its depressed, starving employees what the hell is going on. It's a failure that starts at the top of the food chain, not with the poor SOB's stuck at the bottom just trying to survive. We as department managers had to get our promotional news from outside sources. There were no emails sent to us, no snail mail. No one knows what the hell is going on there until its right on top of them. Informing the stores would mean the fat cats up top would have to actually spend some of their precious money. I hate to agree with the hippies, but Walmart is pure ****ing evil. You should view those clueless employees with pity and sympathy.

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