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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
It's an unfounded complaint because you haven't even watched the show. You don't know how the storyline is going to go.
I didn't say I know how the storylines will go. What I said and do know is that Loeb and Marvel Animation don't like multi-story arcs, think kids won't follow along with the story, and they don't want them in their cartoons. Thus, taking away the biggest thing that made TSSM and EMH great.

That's not what he said. And once again you failed to produce actual proof or your point where you are twisting his words around.
No I'm not. He specifically said he and Marvel Animation don't want multi-story arcs in their cartoons and want the episodes to mostly feel completely stand alone so people can supposedly hop right into the show without needing to watch prior episodes. Again, this is well documented and you know this yourself, I'm not about to waste time trying to find the interview to prove something to you we all know is true, nor do I care enough about this to do so.

Even Ultimate Spider-Man has recurring storylines and issues that carry over from one season to the next and one episode to the next. The first part of this season established the various members of the Sinister Six and culminated in the group coming together to go after Spider-Man as well as an ongoing story with The Lizard. So this idea that Ultimate Spider-Man has no serialized storylines that fans try to apply to the series is both false and wrong.
I don't watch season 2. I'm speaking from the experience of watching season 1 which was entirely one-shot episodes besides one or two episodes and the end with the Goblin fight. It was overall horrible and therefore I won't be watching season 2.

Know the fact that you are comparing the humor to both shows based off one line is telling. Despite Falcon's line being more in line with a lot of the humor and one-liners that were frequently exhibited throughout shows like Spectacular Spider-Man and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
You're again taking what I said and turning it up to level 10. Here is what I said V

It doesn't help that the smart humor that both EMH and TSSM used, which also played a role in why they were so good, is completely antithetical to what has been shown in Ultimate Spider-Man and if that cellphone line from the trailer is any indication that won't be changing in Avengers Assemble.
This is not passing definitive judgement on the show, it's saying it appears to have the same dumb humor as Ultimate Spider-Man as the only thing we have to go off of is that stupid cellphone line. I already said in the post you quoted that I wasn't passing definitive judgement or condemning it so stop strawmanning what I said.

In fact, Wasp as a hero in Earth's Mightiest Heroes was constantly played as the comedy relief and spouting one-liners in whatever situation they are in.
And they worked within the flow and context of the story, not random dumb internet humor.

In Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Spider-Man is so in awe of Captain America's words he's like, "Can I be your sidekick?"
This has absolutely nothing to do with what I said and does not constitue as random dumb internet humor. Not to mention even if it did, it's one case out compared to the dozens in every episode of USM.

After Captain America is thawed, many jokes were made out of Cap adjusting to modern society. He didn't get the technology Stark was using, he said something about a projectionist doing with the display. Thor made a joke about JARVIS talking. That was in line with Cap's character.
See above. You're stretching like hell and aren't even making sense. If you think those are the equivalent to the jokes told in USM with the chibi spider-men and near sitcom humor then you might want to take a class or two in forms of comedy or something.

In this version Falcon is a new, younger hero and he's excited to be in the Avengers. So it's humor that comes out of his character.
That is not the problem. "Can you do that again so I can take a picture" in the middle of a mission dealing with HYDRA is the problem. It's not good or smart humor, it's just stupid and forced. There are better ways to go about making a joke using situational humor that conveys the same message without using internet humor to "connect" with the kids that are watching.

In Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Wasp enjoys being a hero and is excited about it and most of her lines are like 75% jokes.
Again, inherent joking is not the problem. TSSM had Spidey cracking jokes 95% of the time. But the difference is it was good, situational humor using skillful irony and sarcasm and never had to fallback on random internet jokes.

I just think you don't understand the difference between forms of humor.

Originally Posted by Mad Ones View Post
Totally agree. I think the animation and designs look pretty good actually, but I'm annoyed that the team has to start from scratch basically. It took over a season to add Ms Marvel in EMH, who only brought the female count to 2. Black Widow, Maria Hill, and Hawkingbird played a role, but they weren't Avengers. Is it going to take that long again for the show to attempt to introduce more women to the team?

Looks like the same old boys club that is the Avengers in media outside of the comics.
I hope they bring in Scarlet Witch now that we know she'll be in Avengers 2.

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