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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
If someone like the Batman "vanished" from the public eye, would we all automatically assume the dude retired? Nope, especially not right away and not after this person had been outed as a killer. Think back to when that cop killer (Dorner) was on the loose in LA recently. Literally hundreds of people were calling in, claiming (and often believing) they had sighted this man. I don't think anyone really did. At least no one reported anything substantial or "confirmed" until this guy took some people hostage or stole a car or some **** like that. He was obviously eventually cornered and killed, but if he was never seen again, would all of us have just assumed he gave up his tirade right away? I think time would need to pass before the paranoia subsided.

The script identifies the night Dent died as the last "confirmed" sighting of the Batman because it was. Dozens of cops literally watched his cape billow as he ran away from them into the night. These officers could easily corroborate each other's stories, that they saw the Batman. From that point on, however, I'd imagine there would be plenty of unsubstantiated claims coming from Gotham citizens while this cop killer (Batman) was still on the loose. "911? I was walking home tonight and I swear that I saw the Batman in an alley down here"...**** like that. Happens all the time in reality. People are paranoid when large-scale tragedies hit. I'd imagine the situation would be even more extreme if we were talking about a masked vigilante who had become somewhat of a "myth". These unsubstantiated claims clearly are different than "confirmed sightings".

So while WE know Batman really did hang it all up after that, it's safe to safe citizens of Gotham did not, at least not until things died down. I don't understand what's so crazy about georgec's speculation. Seems completely logical, if you stop focusing on semantics.

Loving all the agreement I've been reading guys. Keep it up!

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