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Default Re: Which X-Man has received the least development in the films?

I vote storm too. The woman was just wallpaper in the first movie and they gave her more screentime only because Halle Berry became more popular if it weren't for that I shudder to think what movie storm would have been like.

Storm is still the only character of the main cast, (not including cameos and minor roles) that has absolutely zero development. We don't anything about her past, her personality has never really developed and save for the action scenes that they give her, Storm doesn't really do anything in the movies. her actions have no direct relevance to the plot in anyway. At least with Scott if you took him away you wouldn't have the love triangle. But take away Storm and the movies could still function. That is a huge sign the writers and the director messed up with the character. When they contribute nothing to the story or plot except cool action sequences. That any other of the huge cast list of superpowered mutants could have done.

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