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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post

They are both action movies. Watch an actual drama, then may you know that TDKR isn't a drama.
They are. They've got a completely different style and tone, but still are action movies.

And the discussion about The Avengers vs The Dark Knight Rises is why this thread doesn't really have a reason to exist yet: Man of Steel has still to be released.

With that being said, Iron Man 3 was a stroke of genius (and as un-"Marvel Studio"-y as it could be, it has Shane Black written all over it), and while Man of Steel is looking good, I have yet to be convinced that this movie can be better. At the moment I'm kinda torn about it. I'm confident that with Nolan producing and David Goyer (who's hit or miss, but has better movies under his belt as a writer) on board to write, this could be interesting, but at the same time find that Zack Snyder has been style over substance, and has been struggling with story and characters so far. I agree with the user who said that the characters in his movies feel like they're in a vacuum; it's almost like every character has his/her own personal bubble he/she lives in, instead of having the space to breathe inside the story, and interacting with other characters in a sincere and organic way. We'll see. I've talked to a guy who works at Warners (in the technical department), who too thinks that Snyder's been style over substance so far, but he also told me that he faired better here under the discipline of Nolan. I can only hope it'll be as good as Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Favreau's original Iron Man and Black's entry (just citing recent comic book adaptations).

P.S.: IMHO there's no such thing as one movie "winning" over another; come on... The Avengers has both outgrossed and has a higher RT percentage than The Dark Knight Rises and (presumably) Iron Man 3. Yet I didn't enjoy Whedon's movie as much as the other two. Does that mean I'm on "the loser's side" and STFU when talking movies? Hell nah...

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