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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Princess Denise View Post
7) Though I have not yet seen STID I must say that I can undertand why fans are divided and this may have affected WOM even during the first weekend. First of all many are saying that it is just a remake of TWOK. Also, I hear there is an anti-Bush political message. Now if you want a movie to have mass appeal you just do NOT include a political message that you know will offend half the country! This should be filmmaking 101.
I've heard nothing of the sort about STID and I know a slew of liberals, although we've all seen TDK and it's arguable there was a pro-Bush message in there. So that argument is moot.

Originally Posted by restlessdreams View Post
Does anyone think that This Is The End might take away from MOS? I'm not saying it's going to win the weekend but it might divide the audience. It's looks like a better date movie than MOS. I know my girlfriend and a few of my other friends girlfriends want to see it when it comes. It's just a thought but I'm still sticking to my guess of 100 million.
That movie's a comedy and it's R. Different audiences. 20-30 somethings might see it, but I can't see them capturing the teens or the older adults.

And a comedy with those schlubs (well ok, maybe not James Franco) vs HENRY CAVILL?!??! Those girlfriends are insane.

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