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Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
Alot of people are sleeping on the potential numbers of 2014 films compared to the likes of 2015. Mainly cause many of them are on shaky and or new ground. FF/TF/TMNT/ASM/DOFP...that's a lot of acronyms lol.
Cap, and a few others.
Those and more all have the chance to be huge but as it stands it's all up in the air.

ASM2 should be a huge hit. Especially if Sony really pushes that sinister 6 universe building angle. Between that and the big Gwen Stacy plot point the film could be epic or an epic mess. I see it hitting a bill though.
Agreed. 2014 is like the calm before the storm.
TASM2 looks huge so far. Just production wise and everything.
I only say that will be Sony's biggest film of 2014 because Spidey's all Sony's got lol.

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