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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
This twist made zero sense, even in the context of the film. The whole terrorist ploy was to cover up for Extremis failing, yet, he allows one of these still unstable Extremis experiments to Hollywood of all places, presumably knowing it's likely he might blow up?
Killian doesn't know which of his soldiers are stable or unstable. As far as he (and Savin) knew, Taggert was okay at the time.

Extremis makes people glow, and apparently walking around in public like that isn't a huge issue? Savin got out of the truck glowing for pete's sake!
Granted. But most action movies have that same credibility problem about bad guys (or heroes) supposedly keeping their identities and/or plans on the down-low, and then going out into god's own public and engaging in some spectacularly epic battle that would light up media and Youtube around the world. (Let's not even get started on the PDA --- Public Display of Ass-Kicking --- that went on in tiny little Rose Hill, Tennessee.)


Killian is trying to control supply and demand for his Extremis soldiers, but acts like no other place in the world, with conflicts already happening, wouldn't be happy to purchase said soldiers just the same?
Killian mentions that he's got other buyers. It's implicit that his super-mercs could potentially be scattered all over the world.

On top of that Killian kidnaps Pepper to lure Stark to help with Extremis, but he also tries to kill him before any of that even happens? Speaking of Pepper, if Extremis is so easy for Stark to fix, why in the world didn't he do that years ago and help millions? Hell, even if it's purely for selfish reasons, after the Ten Ring experience changed his outlook on life to the point that he wants Stark Industries to get out of the weapon business, wouldn't that have been an opportune time to get the company to manufacture something to help people and make even more money at the same time?
1) Killian doesn't have a reason to keep Tony alive at the start of the movie. It's not until Maya reveals that Tony potentially knows how to fix Extremis that he tries to capture him instead of kill him.

2) Tony didn't fix Extremis years ago because, as far as he knows, Extremis was just a nifty little experiment with plants that Maya Hansen, a one-night stand, showed him at a party 13 years ago. There's nothing to indicate that he knows anything at all about AIM, Killian, or Extremis in the 13-year interim.


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