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Default Re: Man Of Steel Tie-In Comic *GIRL OF STEEL CONFIRMED*

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post

We see the suit standing still and it looks the same before he puts it on. You're exaggerating how much is altered. Being able to stretch to different body shapes is different from having it's design altered. It isn't altered at all. It adapts to his body size. The design isn't altered.
adapting to his body size and the suit being altered is the same thing, the suit changes in some way to fit it wearer and more than likey we will see if change again in a sequel.

So instead of being vague, what exactly do you think will be similar to the comics?

Jor-El, Clark, Faora, Zod, and the other Kryptonians have the same under armor. That doesn't make them carbon copies.
I cant say what it will look like since I have no clue, but I am sure that it will be similar to what people would recognize as a Supergirl costume.

Yes Jor-El, Faora and Zod have the same under armor, and yet look, they change their look many times in the movie, thank you

Snyder is a purist? Are you completely ignoring everything you have seen so far? So many characters have been changed. Black Perry White, Red-haired Lois, Jenny Olsen, no red trunks, Krypton's whole culture.

Like I said, what exactly about her costume are you so adamant is going to be the same as the comics? You keep saying it will be changed from Superman's but you never say how.

Maybe she just won't have a cape, maybe they'll add some armor, but she will still have the same suit. She's not going to have a miniskirt or panties.

Snyder said many times that he tried to keep the trunks, the end result has a suit that does still look over all like Superman's costume minus the trunks and full yellow belt, he had to make similar changes in Watchmen and 300.

Lois having red hair was in the comics.

Perry White being black....I dont know who came up with that one, if it was Snyder or Goyer or both.

Jenny Olsen, thats all on Goyer and we already know that she is not a gender switch for Jimmy, its his sister and a stepping stone for Jimmy to make his entrance at a later point.

Krypton's culture, all of it that is shown was in the comics, it just looks like they are talking a whole bunch of variations and mashing them into one.

Again I dont know exactly how her costume will look in the end, but I'd expect something thats a cross between the skirt look and her current comics look with some kind of movie twist, maybe even changing the "S" symbol slightly to help make her stand out, maybe your right and she wont have a cape, bottom line though I strongly believe that they will make her very similar to her comic counterpart cause again, all the changes included, thats what they did with Superman.

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