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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

Lets see:

Fantastic Four: Didn't have much interest in. Saw it on DVD, thought it was meh, expected meh.

HULK: Watched this some time after its release and was well aware of its legacy. Honestly I expected worse. A mess, sure, but one of the few true "artistic" messes I've seen at this budget. There's some great stuff in there amongst some baffling choices. I'd rather see this than most run-of-the-mill studio hack-jobs.

X3: The Last Stand: I actually enjoyed this the first time around. I got caught up in the immediate thrills and my opinion only started to sour later.

Spider-Man 3: Loved it then, love it now.

The Dark Knight Rises: Was thoroughly underwhelmed by this. I actually saw it 4 times in the cinema, liking it a little more each time, but there was still something really off-putting about this film.

Batman and Robin: Saw it when I was like 8 so I'm sure I loved it.

Captain America: The First Avenger: Had no expectations going in but I thought it was pretty good. Certainly a step up from Thor.

Iron Man 2: I was pretty happy with this. It had the same third act issues as the first and some new ones thrown in, but despite its flaws I still find this film very entertaining. The cast work so well together that they gloos over the meandering plot.

Green Lantern: Looked awful so I've never bothered.

Superman Returns: Never been too keen on Superman so I've never checked this out either. Maybe some day.


Guess it's TDKR then. I was disappointed in plotting and characterisation of Bats. It kind of soured the series for me. I used to love TDK but I've not watched it since the sequel. Makes it a pretty clear winner tbh

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