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Default Re: Favorite villain of the trilogy?

Originally Posted by Warhammer View Post

It's a sad day when Obadiah Stane is winning a best villain poll. No disrespect to Jeff Bridges, of course. He did a fine job.
What does that tell you about the other villains? Whiplash wasn't a threat and was very one dimensional. Mandarin/Killian was such a mess of a character, IMO, that it ruined it for me (especially ruined Mandarin, but we've all been there). Justin Hammer and Raza were just pawns, no threat, whatever.

Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
Killian. It was just beautiful, it was effortless, he was as laissez faire in his villany as Tony is with his heroics. It was beautiful and it was in your face from the outset, Pearce absolutely nailed this role.
If this is based on performance in the role, it would HAVE to go to Bridges as Stane. Pearce did a great job, but Bridges' performance in IM was special.

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