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Default Re: Arrow General Discussion Thread - Part 5

Originally Posted by TheWiseGuy487 View Post
Pretty much what I was going to say.

If I was in Tommy's position, I'd be pretty pissed off, too.
Poor Tommy had a rough run of things towards the end, it's amazing he kept it together at all.

Originally Posted by Justin View Post
You are right, Thea is not untouchable, but they would want a likable mid-late teens rebellious female to take her place. CW has that same character in all their shows pretty much. It's part of their marketing strategy to the female audience. Not just CW either, pretty much every cult hit from Doctor Who to Buffy the Vampire slayer has that kinda character in there. They might kill her off if they could replace her with a new girlfriend for Roy I guess.

I don't see the point, I like Thea personally

This NEEDS to happen! I say a sexy brunette female IT expert who wears suits and who works for the next big bad. Dark Felicity But on a serious note I'm sure DC has some computer hacker out there she can pwn.
It's got to happen, I mean Ollie and Digg both have their main enemy Felicity needs one as well. I think it might actually be a guy, some kind of ex-CIA techspert.

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