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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

One of the user's reply regarding the cape was most accurate. The cape is what defines batman - when in a relaxed stance the cape should drape across his body, like a curtain. This is so that batman, (as explained somewhere, can't remember where) could hide a secret batarang beneath, i.e. so that his enemies cannot read his next moves. When in an aggressive stance, Batman pulls his cape behind his gauntlets, in a way, the gauntlets 'hook' the cape behind, putting it in place. Personally I think Nolan's batsuit was the worst of them all because its cape did not furfill that purpose. Batman's cape should more or less be like a 'cloak', a bit like those cloaks worn in 'Lord of the Rings', see how Aragorn, Legolas wear them to one of the users who said it wasnt possible. The cape in Nolan's looks too similar to superman, does anyone get me? Arkham Origin's suit is not bad I think. Basically my whole point is the cape comes with the cowl, it should be a piece entirely, with the tip of the cape below the cowl above the bat symbol.

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