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Default Re: The Official Superman Fan Art & Manips Thread - - Part 11

^ Now Dips is just TROLLING. Supes might not need to work out in the traditional sense, but he never let himself go THAT bad. I know Diaper probably has a limited reading ability, but here goes:

Donner on advice to MOS filmmakers: "I don't think I can help them in any way except by patting them on the shoulder and wishing them all the luck in the world. "

On Zod: " He doesn't belong to me. He belongs to the world of Krypton and he's just another part of the Superman anthology of villains. The best part about Zod is that he makes an incredibly worthy adversary for our hero. That's why he's so great."

So, if guys like Dips are more possessive about Superman and his characters than the great Richard Donner, maybe they undermine the legacy of the titular character by ending his significance in culture by movies over twenty years of age.

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