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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Spidey44 don't be. Life is full of complications, complexities and problems. We just have to pick ourselves up and keep moving. The world nots gonna stop spinning just because we wants it too. We have to keep moving along also. Elxiah bout that time in the school year for finals? Ahhh sucks I have mines in exactly 2 weeks. Good thing is no homework or such!! So free time to study and review and come up with new idea and or add ones to the web shooters and other concepts that I have that are just in the pre-planning stage like the Tendronics. A little name I came up with utilizing technology to create the ferromagnetic tendrils, or whips that can be used just like webbing for snaring, grappling, combat (if used correctly) and if necessary used to take down the enemy with any force necessary. Again, only in the pre planning phase. I'm glad to hear that me and some of the other alumnus of the web shooters have inspired you to build and create new things that gonna to better you personally both mental and physically and also maybe provide service and assistant to our civilization and society. I'm honestly thinking of a HUGE idea which I unfortunately can't put out there because its very big for me and I want to get copyrights and patent the idea. But comic books and movies have all these amazing technology and hi-tech things which makes people automatically think that its just not possible. Hell, some guy create his own J.A.R.V.I.S system

Anything is possible and the spider man suit, the powers, abilities the web shooters is closer than we think. Normal humans who really stay inside the box don't have the perpetual ability to look outside of it and see that the technology actually DOES exist and that it is very possible. We just have to really look for it! Wadaltmon I'm excited to see the progress you made and look forward to offering you any help I can great things all around guys
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