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Default Re: Plan out the sequels to Amazing Spider-Man

Heres my ideas, and stick with me here, because i know there are alot of people dedicated to following the lore of the comics, and thats not what im gonna do.

The Villians-

1- Venom.
Now stick with me on this one. You know how the guy talking to Dr Connors says to him, "REmember, Richard Parker said the same thing as you 10 years ago" and connors refuses to aknowledge he did anything? How about what they were working on was researching a substance different than anything on earth that they discovered. Its alive, and it takes over its host and turns them into an agresssive, hiddeous creature. This is the symbiote everyone knows about. And when richard parker decided to not test it on humans, (like connors) they decided to force him to work on it, and faked the entire plane crash thing to make sure noone suspected anything.

Then theres the guy in the shadows. I say this should be norman osborn. He says, you didnt tell him the truth about his father right? This means that the symbiote was tested on richard parker, therefore creating venom. YEs, i know this is possibly the most rediculous thing ever heard from a lore perspective. No eddie brock, or any of that.

So Richard becomes venom, and escapes with his venom powers. This is why i think this makes more sense than the comic books. Venom would be constantly at war with the agression from the symbiote and the goodness of richard parker, creating an inner conflict that could be interesting to see on film. HE could be helping people one minute, and then hurting people another. Throughout the movie, he just slips more and more into madness.

Then, theres the effect on spiderman. AT first, he wouldnt know who it was, and vice versa. when peter finally realizes its his dad, the emotional toll that would be added to peters psyche, would be insane. HE knows he has to stop him because hes a villian, but the conflict created from not wanting to harm his father, and needing to because of his responsibilities as spiderman, would create an intense emotional response from the audience. slowly he slips into becomiing pure evil, until somewhere, it is revealed to him that spiderman is his son, therefore allowing him to control the symbiote, and allow spiderman to take him to jail. I always think maybe a funny shoutout to the raimi films here could be richard going, "No, you listen to me now!". i dont know...

-Green Goblin
I feel the other villian should be green goblin, because it would create an interesting conflict. Perhaps Norman Osborn figured the symbiote could save his life, since we know he is dieing, and he had richard working on it, since hes way smarter than connors. but after he escapes with the symbiote attached to him, he turns desperate, since he doesnt want to be a giant lizard. So he creates a forumla to make him strong, and overall, just a good fight for venom and spiderman. So he sets out to capture venom, all the while destroying property and endangering lives. All so he can get the man who can save his life. This would create a triangle of fighting. Spiderman fights venom, because hes hurting people, venom fights spiderman because hes evil, green goblin fights venom to save his life, and therefore spiderman because hes in the way. I think it would be an awesome battle between them all.

-Gwen dies
In the comics, spiderman breaks her neck on accident on that bridge that i cannot name. i think in the second movie, something similiar to the first raimi movie happens. perhaps spiderman gets tricked into holding gwen and a bus full of children something above the bridge. gwen tells peter that he has to let her go, and he doesnt think he can do it. hes all emotional and probably crying, telling her he cant because he loves her. yeah, he finally says it. But she tells him he has to be spiderman and no peter parker, and save the kids. THERE IS NO WAY HE CAN SAVE BOTH. So he lets her go to save the kids, letting her fall to her death. Add this to peters already fractured psyche, making spiderman all that more torn on the inside. So technically, his death is her fault, but in a more badass way than accidently snapping her neck.

-Peter catches Uncle Bens killer (Ending of movie)
So after all this occurs, and his dad is in prison, peter finally comes across the man with the star on his wrist. Hes dressed as spiderman, and stops him from killing someone. He realizes who it is, and beats him within an inch of his life. Maybe he says something like,

"you killed my uncle" Maybe something a little more badass than that, im not that good of a writer.

then he says
"You dont know how many people ive killed man, your uncle was nothing to me"

This causes spiderman to nearly kill him, but at the last second, he does his noble spiderman thing, and turns him over to the police, where the person identifies him, and they realize its a serial killer they were looking for a long time, and hes off to prison.

the last scene of the movie, is him getting checked into prison. giving them his belongings. cut to richard parker in his cell, where a guard tells him he has a new cellmate coming in. a real nutjob.

back to uncle bens killer being put in line for a roll call. a bunch of people get named off, then it comes to our killer, and you here, "Cassady, cell 8" or something. Uncle Bens killer was cletus cassady. Then you see a small bit left of the symbiote crawl through the windows of the cell and attach itself to cletus, therefore setting up carnage as the villian for the 3rd movie.

i dont know, if you read it all, let me know what you think

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