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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread!

Iron Man - 8/10 (very good ... close to great)
Iron Man 2 - 5/10 (ugh ... had moments)
Iron Man 3 - 6/10 (funny but whatever, forgettable)

This movie was just too campy. Ever since Iron Man 2, taken to new levels by Thor and then eventually the comedy disguised as a comic book film, the Avengers ...

There is no intensity, threat or seriousness in ANY of these Marvel Films post the original IM and Incredible Hulk of 2008. Everything is laughed off with over written and contrived jokes. The guy who wrote this script didn't take the material seriously, and it shows. The original IM had reverence for the material, the comedy came organically from RDJ's Stark character and real life RDJ parallels. As it also did for maybe the first 30 minutes of IM 2. Ever since then, the character has been over written to be comedic, to the point he's actually annoying.

Too much goofy stuff going on. I actually rather liked the Mandarin twist, felt it had some nice legitimate social commentary on media created boogeymen who could ultimately be patsies. Kingsley was genuinely funny. The fire breathing, pole melting, armor destroying villains, the nonexistent villain motivations, corny performance from the antagonist, lack of inherent internal logic and physics, anyone being able to use Stark's specifically designed suits, Pepper Pots leaping in the air superhuman ninjitsu style and demolishing an IM suit and killing the villain?

Total jump the shark moment. This trilogy was pretty bad outside of the first film. The only think holding the first film back was a very stereotypical and suspect 3rd act. That 3rd act look outstanding compared to other things that happened in it's two sequels. There wasn't a solid, or legitimately threatening antagonist since Bridge's Stane character.

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