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Default Re: Official rate & review IRON MAN 3 thread! - Part 3

Originally Posted by blksuperman2 View Post
Even if one or two people mentioned Star Trek here I don't see why you thought you'd get enough responses to warrant the question. To logically assume that the people who've seen Iron Man also saw Star Trek is kind of out there. Your post just came across to me to try and flame and pit one movie against the other.

Sorry for acting like a mini-mod but I sensed trolling and ain't nobody got time for dat.
its safe to assume that 90% of the people on these boards see almost every comic book/sci-fi inspired movie, so I'm sure plenty could have weighed in, this just wasnt the forum to bring it up in, which I did acknowledge but the point is moot now lol. I wasn't trying to spark and argument of any kind or compare the movies (they're nothing alike lol), or do any trolling I'm not that type of poster. but anyways I've moved the post, thanks for providing the link... those that wish to help or weigh in as star trek fans go comment there please. Back to the stagnant Iron man 3 talks and mind numbing arguing lol...

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