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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

Originally Posted by LL2K2 View Post
That he had a clearer vision of the character than any of the directors before him (Burton, McG, Abrams)?
LOL ... wut? A psuedo half sequel, half reboot, love letter remake of the 1978 film?

Yea, clear and precise vision there.

Originally Posted by LL2K2 View Post
That he had already brought the X-Men into two successful films?
First X-Men film was garbage. 2nd one was decent at best.

Originally Posted by LL2K2 View Post
some people's vitriol toward Singer and this movie is without explanation.
Well he presented a very weak, convoluted, stupid, boring, repetitive version of the character. And totally unforgivable a protagonist who is supposed to be masculine, but comes off very homosexual in execution. All emo and angst ridden. A movie about ex-bfs who have moved on ... not about how cool and exciting a Superman movie can be. Not about the inherent hope he represents for mankind.

The vitriol and hate towards this abomination of a boring SUPERHERO movie is totally justified. Hell, Superman Returns makes Ang Lee's HULK down right exciting in comparison.

A sequel to a movie made in 1981, for a 2006 audience? Sounds genius. [/end sarcasm]

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