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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
the dumber than **** sony Gino movie raked in 44 million in its opening weekend with horrible word of mouth and horrible reviews after its opening day. and most people refuse to call it a G movie now.

NOW the new Godzilla movie is being handled by Legendary, who thus far have a pretty good track record and people have wanted a REAL Godzilla movie since sony screwed up. and the FACT that tasm2 comes out 2 weeks before and NOT 2 weeks after Godzilla will show anyone that sony is a little nervous.
TASM2 was officially dated long before Godzilla was given it's release date, shoot it was given it's release date before TASM even came out. And the release date has more to do with Sony's new deal with Marvel/Disney than it does with Godzilla so that's not even a factor. I doubt Godzilla is gonna bomb but it definitely doesn't have Sony shaking in their boots.

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