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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
NECA will deliver a quality 1/6th scale (18 inches) version of the figure at less than quarter of the price of an absurdly prices Hot Toys figure. (between $60 - $80 as opposed to $175 - $300)

It will be a quality sculpt, and won't have rubber breaking down on you the way the Hot Toys stuff does at their ridiculous prices.

So, comparable sculpt, more durability, dramatically less expensive. It's a no brainer to me.

I'm getting the NECA MOS, NECA B89 Batman, their sculpts look amazing and easily just as good as the Hot Toys stuff ... and excited for NECA to get around to the Nolan Batman films: BEGINS Batman, TDK Batman, TDK Joker, RISES Bane.
This is the NECA looks like crap. Like a cheap toy

And yet I heard it would cost about $100 or thanks

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