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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

We all want the same thing ultimately. Better movies that represent the canon and characters more true to form. Fox is tough because they have showed countless times even in their good movies that they don't strive for that. They have a friggen gold mine in characters, and I honestly think they have just as many big names if not more then the MCU. So most of my frustration is just watching the MCU planning all these things for GOTG, Ant Man, Scarlet Witch etc while Fox still focuses on the same characters they have had going for a decade. They need something new.

I know alot of people on here don't trust Millar, but I'm hoping at the least he can start reminding them that they are not using any of their line up or cooler characters well.

Hopefully the X films coming out in the next two years prove me otherwise about how Fox still handles everything, regardless how they go about multiple films or not. Good films, true characters and making use of what they own is really all I want when it comes down to it.

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