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Default Re: Do you think Marvel will EVER get the film rights to Spider-Man?

i get the feeling that most people in this forum dont want to see spiderman come home, either because they are in love with sony (gamers) or because they want feel like rebels. time to face facts though, sony will ONLY make money off the movies, look whats happening with the x-men movies, no money for an advertising campaign = poor box office, captain america will drop one month prior to tasm2, and do you honestly think that marvel/disney is going to unleash a MASSIVE wave of merchandise and compete with their own movie?? disney wants spiderman back, and the only way they can make that happen is to put the kee-bosh on a butt-load of spidey merchandise. even if they lose money this way, sony will lose money the other way. which is what m/d wants. look at fox, they think because they bring in millar and bring back singer they are going to have their own mcu, but without advertising, they ARE screwed, and WITHOUT merchandising royalties to support said advertising, they are doubly screwed.

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