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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by NolanDCU View Post
NECA will deliver a quality 1/6th scale (18 inches) version of the figure at less than quarter of the price of an absurdly prices Hot Toys figure. (between $60 - $80 as opposed to $175 - $300)

It will be a quality sculpt, and won't have rubber breaking down on you the way the Hot Toys stuff does at their ridiculous prices.

So, comparable sculpt, more durability, dramatically less expensive. It's a no brainer to me.

I'm getting the NECA MOS, NECA B89 Batman, their sculpts look amazing and easily just as good as the Hot Toys stuff ... and excited for NECA to get around to the Nolan Batman films: BEGINS Batman, TDK Batman, TDK Joker, RISES Bane.

Complete apple vs. oranges comparison, there not even in the same category. I love NECA and what they do and they have progressed leaps and bounds in how good they sculpt and build figures but they will never be in the same category as Hot Toys. Nor should they try to be, they amazing at what they do. Also not fair to judge the 18" MOS figure on the prototype pic, NECA already stated that was a very early text shot and the figure will not look like that, they know it doesn't look right.

Hot Toys offers literally the most life like face sculpting of any figure ever, my Hot Toys Bales and Ledgers are eerily life like, they look like small shrunken people (I'm expecting the same with MOS). The also have incredibly realistic textured and painted skin & paint apps, soft goods and cloth clothing, a large assortment of accessories and multiple sets of hands. The higher tier ones also come deluxe bases or set pieces and multiple heads or facial plates, plus light up features. The attention to detail on them is beyond reproach, you get what you pay for. The entire argument about rubber deterioration is also blown way out of proportion by a handful of band examples and was also a worse problem in hot toys of many years ago when they first started getting movie licenses.

I will end up getting both the Hot Toys and NECA figures and enjoy them both for what they are but no way the NECA one could ever be a suitable substitute or compensate for the Hot Toys one.

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