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Originally Posted by Musty002 View Post
My fears are Zack Synder and David Goyer having total control on this film. Both have horrible records. Zack's last 3 films has been flops and he hasn't got a 75% or higher rating in RT his latest is one of the worst film of all time. Goyer isn't particulary great either his sole screenplay record apart Nolan being involved is a disaster 30% or lower in RT jumper, unborn, 2 ghost rider films, blade trinity, .. etc. By the way Nolan is only involved in the story process not screenplay because he is not credited in it and thats a major worry for me.
^ Umm.. Dawn of the Dead anybody. He wrote Sucker Punch, that's why it's not so hot. Agreed about Goyer, he's a big hit and miss writer, and his hits tend to be collaborations. Nolan's not the end-all-and be all of writing, but he's consistent. Ideally, he'd help Goyer out in crafting a good story, and leave the comic-bookish stuff back to Zack and David. But supposedly, there were rewrites, and it looks like they are falling back a lot more on the comics. Which is a good thing.

The reason the post Superman II movies were subpar to decent was because they basically threw out the comics. Comics are the original and definitive domain for superheroes. So the more pulled from them, the more I'm excited. And MOS has a lot of references, for example, Jor-El's speech reflects the one given in All Star Superman.

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