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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - Part 13

Cavill earned the nicname "The most Unlucky man in Hollywood". He came close to beeing cast as superman in two previous adaptions, before this one (as we all know). One being JJ. Abrams never to see the light of day - "Superman: Flyby". Next he was close to being cast in Singer's mediocre Donner-nostalgic "Superman Returns" (thank GOD he didn't get it, looking at things now!). He's been close to being cast as James Bond (If Nolan really ends up directing one, could Cavill maybe be in the lead?). At a stage he was thought about regarding Edward in Twilight (good thing he didn't get that, because he was too old! Halleluja!). Heck, he's even been considered for Bruce Wayne aka. Batman!

When all is said and done, I think his nicname is well earned. But something could indicate that he's finally about to hit the BIG_one! And well deserved as well. This guy has a great story behind his journey to being cast in this monster iconic role within this exact movie. So has anything been UNlucky for him? Or is this actually just a case of a hardworking actor, who didn't give up and has now finally reached his destiny? It all lead to this... I'm crossing all fingers and toes that he'll kick major ass in this film!

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