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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

I was looking again to the source material from the trailers they are losing the focus of this story. I like the immortality issue they are always showing, add more depth to the story but... the core is the impossible relationship with mariko and the feelings/betrayal from yukio. Nothing from the trailers indicates that exist in the movie, what kind of worries me. I dont see feeling.

And what is strange is that seeing the trailers it seems like thay have a small story about an immortal man who is given mortality, thats it.

I'm sure they will give us more trailers. But with a summer full of epic and huge movies, with action, big robots and special effects, this is feeling very bland. Perhaps they have to give the audience a differente kind of trailers, with more feeling and depth!

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