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Default Re: Most disappointing comic-book movie

X-Men 3
Spider-Man 3
Superman Returns
Ghost Rider
Fantastic Four
Green Lantern

Those last two are real kickers. While the sequels may be more of a letdown due to the previous films being good/great (Well, I never liked Spider-Man 2 all that much, but 3 looked like it would have been epic) the potential I felt for the last two on my list was so great, I couldn't believe how lame they both were.

Fantastic Four looked to be a wonderfully fun comic book film. I liked the cast (Sans Alba) and the trailer sold me. I actually thought to myself after I first saw the trailer for FF4: "That could be the best superhero movie ever." It makes me laugh thinking I thought that back then, but it just looked like they got it right. What we did get was a boring, corny, family sitcom with some mildly fun action here and there. The Thing was well cast, The Human Torch was well cast, and so was Mr. Fantastic. Doctor Doom just SUCKED. Not because of his remixed origins, but because the performance was lame and the film didn't give him enough to do. Shoddy, cheesy and boring.

I adore Green Lantern. I always took to him for some reason. Much of the earlier comics aren't all that great but I love him in the League and I love the recent Johns run and the New 52 stuff. I was right there with the film from day one. The talent involved did nothing but assure me the film would be good. Martin Campbell, the guy who revived Bond twice? Hell yes! Geoff Johns, the man who single-handedly brought Green Lantern back into the A-game? Hell yes! Ryan Reynolds ( know people hate him, but I think and still do he could be a great Hal Jordan)? Hell yes! Mark Strong as Sinestro? Hell yes!
I defended the look of the suite, the CGI...everything. The trailers really made it look like it would be an epic. A space faring adventure.
Nope, what we got was a main character who was a poor mans Tony Stark, rushed characterizations all around, an origin story too jam packed with events, and lazy action. There were seeds of a good film in there somewhere, they just didn't spend the time expanding on ANY of the good idea's they had.

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