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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by chamber-music View Post
I wouldn't mind if Pym was ant-man before the hulk started running around because that is only a few years ago in the MCU but I wouldn't want to see him as only being active decades ago.
sales mode: but what if he were active as a supehero while in his teens? and what if the Ant-Man movie just basically showed him getting back into the game, as an adult? given the nature of Pym's earliest adventures (tales to astonish era), he didn't need to be a grown man. originally, he was more of a detective; using his brain and the scientific method to solve crimes. it's not that big a tweak to just have him be Peter Parker age and an active (but obviously covert) costumed hero. given his status as a prodigy, he could concievably have more time to lead a dual life than your average high schooler.

if they want to allude to Maria, they could have her be the reason he gave it up a) because she was dominating his time b) because he didn't want to endanger her or c) because she was 'Gwen Stacy'd' by one of his enemies. either way, it allows for Pym to be used as a superhero in Ant-Man or one of the Avengers movie; while not getting in the way of Wright's ideas.

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