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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

- The "You breathe fire?" bit where we even see Savin look on at Killian with a "WTF, Boss?" look.
- Iron Patriot and the running gag about how both Tony and Rhodes think the name is a bit lame. Even more impressive is how they manage not to include a token Captain America reference when discussing the new name and colors.
- Tony essentially becoming the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of MacGyver and making non-lethal gadgets out of hardware supplies.
- The one-liners.
- Mandarin's terrorist videos, which were all impressive and rather chilling.
- "Honestly, I hate working here. They're so weird." It's not every movie you see a villain's henchman just decide to am-scray and openly call his employers "weird".
- The Air Force One rescue sequence. I liked the reveal when it turns out Tony wasn't really there, which probably made the rescue more awesome, IMO.
- "That was really violent!" (Pepper saving Tony's ass from Killian)
- A certain song playing over the Marvel/Paramount logos. Good call.
- Speaking of songs, film had some pretty good music during certain scenes.

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