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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by VictorShade View Post
For real! He can't make Hank a 'has been' hero to facilitate his love for Lang. That would piss off a number of folk, me included.
And why would that matter in the slightest? Actual comic book fans are a tiny enough segment as to be irrelevant to movie success/failure, in general, and Hank Pym fans are a tiny segment of said tiny segment of the populace. If pissing off the hardcore Hank Pym fans allows for a movie that resonates and appeals to the GA, then that is the correct move to do.

* For the record, with the absence of Reed Richards in the MCU, Hank needs to be put out there as the absolute, smartest scientific mind in the world. Yes, even smarter than Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.
You make me die a little on the inside. And frankly, its false. The only time Pym is portrayed as anything but a peer of Tony Stark and those in his league, is when the writer randomly decides to try and have Pym make goes at competing with Reed, despite no rational reason for that being possible.

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