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Default Re: Hot Toys Dark Knight Stuff

Originally Posted by Raindog421 View Post
I would visit. Love looking at others collections just as much as mine if that makes sense. Get different poses, display ideas...etc. A different pose with one of these figures can make it go from a 90% likeness to a 120% likeness. Except the Jack Nicholson Joker. It's dead on no matter what.
It has been launched, Raindog!

I just put it up today, so there is not much to it yet. Over the next couple of days I will post an article and some photos on the first piece in my collection. I welcome photos, articles, stories, critiques, etc. from others as well. If you're not a Tumblr member, it's simple to sign up... and a very nice social tool! Follow me and I'll follow back.

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