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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by Da-Scribe View Post
Er? Trailers aren't supposed to give away every bit of a story, just an idea. I think this trailer does exactly that. I get that you respect the original story and all, but it isn't the job of the trailer to reassure you that everything will be just as it was in the comics.
Exactly this. The trailer is nothing more than a marketing tool, a hype machine. It's not part of the canon. It's not part of the storytelling process.

Originally Posted by runningman3000 View Post
Things I Liked: Yukio, fight choreography, Camera choreography, Sanada, jean, and the last shot of the trailer.

Not so much: tongue, not much Mariko,


Did anyone catch this in the trailer? Something may have happened to Wolverine's Blades

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Nothing happened to his claws. They are just pointed directly at the camera at an angle where you can't see the depth.

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