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Default Re: Last Days of Krypton: 100 Day Countdown to Man of Steel!

Originally Posted by Deathlok View Post
Funnily enough, I do have a cold shower at the gym every time I am there! All it does though, is to make me scream like a big girls blouse!
Haha,Well a cold shower does raise testosterone levels and cold dips are known to be good for general health too! But I have a nice hot shower at my gym to ease my aching muscles,I'm not as brave as you at the moment. Maybe when we actually get some hot weather in the UK I'll switch to having cold ones too. (too much info!) Deathlok I'm now picturing you showering whilst wearing only a big girls blouse with an s shield on it and screaming and making those sounds people only make when they get hit by cold water...

It's disturbing and wont leave my mind.

I must look at some Amy and Antje pics to re set my brain

I was going to say sorry about being off topic silly,but it's too close to the film release to care.

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