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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by TWayneP View Post
Your right, i noticed that aswell. If you look closely a the 1080p trailer you can see a bit of orange singe in there as if they were chopped off.

Unless the claws are perfectly parallel to each other (which they are not), in the still you see what you think is the middle claw facing directly toward you, therefore you would have to see more of the 1st and 3rd claws. You would notice the angle and depth no matter what. just compare it to the other hand. The angles don't work out if you think they are just facing the camera. It doesn't line up with the way his hand is laying either

They do get cut off.
Great, it's Spidey in the reflection all over again...

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I think this is one of those films where we hope the film is better than the trailers have sold it as.

It could be good if the acting and tone of the movie are put together in the right way but it's hard to grasp from what we've seen?

Also when are we ever going to see bezerker wolverine again? ala X-2 mansion scene?
The fight at Magneto's encampment in the woods, and Wolverine's battle with Victor on Three Mile Island.

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