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Personally, I think they've progressed to the point where his classic or neo classic armors would now be plausible. Yes, I mean the more spandex look. Here's the thing, in the comics those were early on due to ease of drawing and it was only later you got stuff like the granov armors. But if you think about it those early armors would have needed to be far more advanced than the later ones to even begin to make them plausible. Essentially, those early ones move like cloth or spandex but protect like armor. They're made of billions of microscopic armor fragments all held together via magnetic beams to create the illusion of something as pliable as cloth or spandex. That concept is way more advanced than anything we've seen in the movies so far. I think they now are at a place where they could get away with it. Then you could get a suitcase armor even closer to the comics version as it could all be packed into such a small space.

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