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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
To be honest though, Thor got the better of Hulk for most of their fight in The Avengers. Besides the sucker punch at the beginning and those slams at the end, Thor was dominating that fight,

One of my friends who happens to be a Hulk fan said "I'm not gonna lie, Thor was taking care of business against Hulk on that ship".
oh yeah, and looking at the fight without cut scenes..

thor dominated most of the fight..I was actually surprised that they did that. A pissed off Hulk, fighting a very restrained thor, and basically loosing...I think THAT fight right there showed, that even though Hulk is a scene stealer, and a wildcard, Thor is still THE guy in terms of heroes in the MCU right now.

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Yeah, whenever people laugh about how the Hulk punches Thor later on in the middle of the climactic battle, I come back with, "He was still pissed because Thor kicked his ass earlier."
That's what I thought it was for lol

I hope thor and hulk build up a relationship

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