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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

Originally Posted by MovieMaster View Post
Given all the stuff we know/have theorized about this movie by now, it looks like Phase II might be a lot less cosmic than we thought
I wouldn't jump to *that* conclusion at all.

I still wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see one or more aliens pop up in disguise in a position of power in Washington. Not necessarily a full-scale Secret Invasion, but a Kree or Skrull as a spy in place to check out these humans.

New random thought: Alexander Pierce: Mar-Vell. Yes? No? Maybe? Ronan is rumored to be on the way for GOTG. And I'm still waiting to hear what "Agent 13"'s actual name is. I still think there's a good shot that her name might be Carol. Winter Soldier + Nick Fury vs. SHIELD + Captain Mar-Vell, Agent of Kree = X-Files + Avengers. = ALL KINDS OF AWESOME, thank you


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