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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

With Fox planning to expanding the X-verse, I think at best we will get a cross-over film with the Fantastic Four, if ever the Fantastic Film reboot turned out to be a big success.

But a third First Class film, a Deadpool movie and brand new spin-offs are unlikely at this point. Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting larger and maybe in 2016, they'll start releasing 3 films per year. Then what if DC successfully created their own Cinematic Universe in the next 2 years. I don't think it would be a smart move for FOX to compete with MCU/DC by releasing a new X-Men related movie every year. People might get worn out by watching these super-hero films and out of all the major studios that are releasing superhero films - Disney/WarnerBrothers/Sony/Fox - Fox could be in the worse position incase over-saturation from superhero films occur.

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