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Default Re: How many more movies would you like with >Original Cast<?

Originally Posted by SoNicRaDiATioN View Post
This is definitely a risk, but what are these studios supposed to do? If they sit on potentially big properties for fear of oversaturation, then they may end up missing the wave for the comic film era. The bubble may burst without them. So why not try to build the most sustainable model possible...? Both financially and creatively. Nobody can predict when people will get tired of this genre, the only thing studios can control is making the best films possible (and hope that takes care of itself).
I'm only gonna answer what FOX should do because I'm not really invested to the other Marvel films and DC films. What FOX should do is release movies that will really appeal to the general audience. FOX already played their wild card when they released First Class and it ended up as the lowest grossing X-Men to date and its already a big indication that the general audience are less interested with spin-offs. After DOFP, they should move forward with X-Men 5 and X-Men 6.

This is not the best time for FOX to get creative by releasing spin-offs and First Class movies. Sony/DC/Disney are using their biggest guns when it comes to their super-hero films, Sony with Spider-Man, DC with Justice League/Batman/Superman and Disney with the Avengers, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. None of them are planning to release a prequel film or a spin-off film right now.

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