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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I'm only gonna answer what FOX should do because I'm not really invested to the other Marvel films and DC films. What FOX should do is release movies that will really appeal to the general audience. FOX already played their wild card when they released First Class and it ended up as the lowest grossing X-Men to date and its already a big indication that the general audience are less interested with spin-offs. After DOFP, they should move forward with X-Men 5 and X-Men 6.
I'm not sure FC was the wild card when you put it into context. It was released on the heels of two colossal disappointments in X3 and XOM. Films that left a bitter taste in people's mouths. FC was Fox's attempt at rebuilding the brand. It did decent business and most people liked it, so I'll say there was a small uptick in perception. With DoFP we have a whole different animal, an animal with huge teeth and a potentially deadly bite. If DoFP hits it's mark, i'll change the whole paradigm moving forward. The performance of FC won't even be an issue, it'll be a tiny speck of dust in the rearview mirror. The ingredients are there for DoFP to be an EVENT film. That was never in the cards for FC.

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