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Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Still, Captain America and Thor got more money than First Class. And this year, it looks like Man of Steel and Thor 2 will outgross The Wolverine. The thing is the X-Men series will never be back in its prime with spin-offs same with the other movies franchises out there, the original series will always be the one that really works to the general audience. So they should just continue w/ the original series.
That's why I said DoFP changes the whole paradigm moving forward. If it lives up to it's potential, it could have an Avengers-esque effect on every X-film moving forward. The Avengers is the top dog franchise in the MCU (like the X-Men is at Fox), but that doesn't stop Marvel from doing other films. Thats how film properties are built. You brought up Thor and Cap, well those films will have big increases because of their association with the Avengers. IM3 will double the first two films. Again, the same could happen in the post-DoFP era at Fox. I guarantee you they have a similar model in mind.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
And part of DOFP's buzz right now is the return of the original cast and that says a lot. And people always used X3/Origins being bad movies an an excuse for the shortcomings of First Class at the box-office. But imagine if those 2 movies were great, First Class wouldn't still outgross those 2.
Keep in mind that Thor and Cap were part of the new and exciting MCU and who hadn't had big budget films before (forget the Corman Cap). On the other hand you had a poorly marketed quasi-reboot/prequel that was coming on the heels of two turds. Apples and oranges really.

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