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Default Re: What Superhero movies would you have these directors make?

Paul Thomas Anderson- Batman. He's a big fan of Nolan's series and two themes that constantly appear in his films, father/son relationships and troubled/haunted pasts, could be incorporated in to a Batman film very interestingly. Obviously, Bruce's past has shaped in many ways, but the most obvious thing is the death of his parents lead to him becoming Batman. We could get great father/son type moments between Alfred and Bruce, and/or Gordon and Bruce and even better, how about Batman and Robin!? He could even deal with a similar theme from 'Magnolia' about parents using their children and have some real good commentary about the psychological ramifications of a guy training a young boy and putting him in danger every night by taking him out to fight crime.

Martin Scorcese or Ben Affleck- Both of these guys could do Daredevil. Scorcese's Catholic past and his constant themes from this in his earlier films would fit wonderfully with Daredevil. His love for crime dramas also would fit great with Daredevil and Kingpin. Similar situation with Affleck. We know he loves the character. He's shown he can direct good crime dramas and Affleck's love for the character could be better for the film as a director than an actor because he'll actually be in charge.

Quentin Tarantino Deadpoool. Tarantino's love for violence and humor fits Deadpool so perfectly I can't believe I've never thought of this before. It could definitely have a similar tone to the Kill Bills.

STEVEN SPIELBERG Captain America or Superman. Spielberg's all-american, old fashion, hopefulness seen in many of his earlier films that he attributes to watching John Ford films as a child, would be perfect for both of these characters. His great ability to create period pieces, specifically WWII, would make him a prime candidate for a Captain America WWII film.

Nicolas Winding Refn This may be a little strange for some, but I think he'd be great with Spiderman. I really thought he handled the love story in Drive really well and he did a great job creating this hero who didn't really seem confident, yet he was a badass. Not exactly Peter Parker, but I think he could channel more of that non-confident hero to the Parker scenes and a cocky, funny Spiderman in costume.

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