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Default Re: "Goodness Gracious, Great Balls of Fire!" - The Adan Canto Thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
So, let's speculate on his character...

Ok, so everyone is assuming Sunspot (don't we already have enough "strong guys" on these teams - Colossus, Beast, Warpath?). Yes, he matches the look (not the age), so it's an option...

He could be a bad guy and maybe playing Avalanche (similar in look to the cartoon version)...

He could be Rictor (haven't seen anyone else post that yet...).

Or maybe, just maybe, he isn't playing a Mexican character...

Here is one that I've been speculating on since I have the idea of BooBoo as Warpath )though would love to see him as Forge)...

Maybe Adan is playing Warpath?
I also think that he might be playing Rictor instead of Sunspot...he fits more the character, either way I hope if they dont give him good dialogue at least he gets some cool action scenes..

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