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Default Re: THE WOLVERINE Trailer Thread - Second Teaser Online May 21st

Originally Posted by TWayneP View Post
Haha, I know your one with differing opinions, but the evidence is right there in the trailer. The claws come off. It's not a poster, it's on film in the trailer. The way the angle works there's 100% no way that the claws are just perfectly facing the camera. If they were, and they were attached, then you'd be able to see the depth no matter what since they are not perfectly parallel. Da proof is in the pudding

You'll see though when the flick drops. We haven't seen wolvy go truly berserk since the mansion raid in X2, sorry but everything after that seemed pretty watered down and just too simple/mindless slashing. The fight with weapon 11 was nice, but too gimmicky.

Impaling and Pinning a soldier to a fridge while screaming in his face for 5 seconds straight. Come on now. There's a sense of viciousness and rage in that whole scene, like true anger. That's why I'm so excited for DOFP, singer really nailed the feeling of the unleashed Logan.

Hopefully mangold can capture it too, I'm pretty confident with what I've seen so far and mangolds past work, he can get some pretty serious commitment from his actors.
These theories based on overanalyzing a single frame of a movie trailer NEVER turn out to be what the theorists claim them to be, and this will be no different.

As far as the fights go - Logan's fight in the forest is literally the SAME fight as the mansion fight in X2. The only difference is the locale. It has the same slicing, dicing ,slashing, impaling, and flying off of high spaces, as the mansion scene, one is just indoors the other is outdoors. The only reason why the fights are viewed differently is because of the rabid fanboy hatred of X-Men: The Last Stand. If that same exact scene was in X-Men: First Class people would be praising it.

The Three Mile Island fight with Victor has impaling, crashing through windows, and a pure visceral animalistic nature to it. It's one of the few moments in X-Men Origins: Wolverine that is exactly what people claim they want to see from a Wolverine movie, but of course because of the movie it's in, it automatically gets discarded and proclaimed "bad".

Want proof? Just look at all the fanboy claims that there are zero redeeming qualities about X-Men 3 or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Whether you like those movies or not (and I do, but I still see there are many issues with them), it is simply put not an objective or truthful point of view to say there are no redeeming qualities. And yet, countless hordes of rabid fanboys say exactly that about those 2 films.

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