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Default Re: Best Superhero Trilogy

1. Iron Man Trilogy by a hefty margin.(3 out of 3)

2. Superman Trilogy(2 out of 3)
3. X-Men Trilogy(2 out of 3)
4. Spider-Man trilogy(2 out of 3)
5. Blade Trilogy(2 out of 3)
6. Nolan's Batman Trilogy(1 out of 3)

Superhero TV of 2016: Daredevil-Season2: A-/A; Luke Cage-Season1: A-; Flash-Season 2: B+; Agents of Shield-Season3: B-;Agent Carter-Season2: B; iZombie-Season 2: A-; No interest in Arrow, Supergirl, Gotham or Legends of Tomorrow

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